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Over 30 years ago since Brink’s established itself in the Indian Ocean. Extending its activities from Reunion Island to Mauritius, Mayotte and Madagascar, the company is now the number one operator in private security services across the region. 

Brink’s Reunion, Mayotte, Mauritius and Madagascar deliver 24/7, matching the security exigencies of the different economic players of these countries.

Brink’s Indian Ocean is part of the Europe, Middle East and Africa Directorate (EMEA), and reports to it.

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By Admin, 4 April, 2023

On the occasion of the International Women's Rights Day on 8 March 2023, Brink's Indian Ocean and its subsidiaries organised several activities. Brink's Mauritius welcomed Jenny Korten, an EP7 certified coach, specialised in leadership, work culture and work-life balance. About thirty employees - Field and Head-Office - participated in this enriching moment, which was followed by a lunch. In addition, all Brink's Maurice employees - nearly 600 - received a bracelet as a gift to commemorate this day. It was also an opportunity to remind them of their importance within our company, which remains faithful to its values: "Diversity & Inclusion". On the Reunion Island, a cake sale was held to raise funds for an NGO that helps women victims of domestic violence; all Brink's Reunion employees received a purple ribbon to raise awareness about violence against women. 

In Madagascar, Brink's employees received a raffia pouch and a Zumba session was held to mark the day with fun and energy.

Brink's fete la femme

1 Ste Clothilde women team with Karen-Ross Gangnard- Human Resources Director for Indian Ocean (in green); all employees in Reunion Island received a purple ribbon to raise awareness on equity and women's rights. 
2 The Reunion team organized a bake sale to raise funds for AFECT, a local NGO in Reunion that helps women who are victims of domestic violence.
3 Madagascar female staff members received a raffia pouch as a gift for IWD.
4 Zumba session to keep fit.
5 Brink's Mauritius welcomed Jenny Korten, EP7 certified coach, specialized in leadership, work culture and work/life balance, for a conference. 
6-7 A special lunch was planned with a BBQ on the menu for Brink’s Mauritius. 
8 All Brink's Mauritius’ female employees received a bracelet as a gift.

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