Brink's Indian Ocean

Over 30 years ago since Brink’s established itself in the Indian Ocean. Extending its activities from Reunion Island to Mauritius, Mayotte and Madagascar, the company is now the number one operator in private security services across the region. 

Brink’s Reunion, Mayotte, Mauritius and Madagascar deliver 24/7, matching the security exigencies of the different economic players of these countries.

Brink’s Indian Ocean is part of the Europe, Middle East and Africa Directorate (EMEA), and reports to it.

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By Admin, 20 March, 2023

Brink's Sustainability

Brink's Mauritius participates in the collective effort at various levels. Externally, the company works to provide its customers with ever more innovative solutions in terms of security and cash management services that save time, avoid travel and reduce carbon impact. 
Internally, Brink's also ensures that its activities have the least possible impact on the environment: the vehicle fleet is regularly renewed. Brink's is committed to further integrating sustainability into our business strategy throughout the world and across all our subsidiaries. Its commitments are those of a responsible company concerned with economic efficiency, social equity and ecological responsibility, while observing strict good governance practices or models that consume less and are more respectful of air quality. In addition, regular training is provided to the teams in road safety and to raise awareness of reasonable fuel consumption.

As part of its eco-citizen approach, Brink's Mauritius often participates in clean-up and beautification campaigns in the vicinity of its Head Office in Solitude. It also encourages in-house selective sorting and recycling and regularly conducts reminders and internal campaigns on the rational use of electrical energy. In the same vein, motion detectors have been installed for the lighting of offices and common areas at the company's headquarters in Solitude.

All employees receive regular coaching, training and seminars on topics related to well-being and all aspects of health and safety at work.  On the social front, Brink's Mauritius is a very committed company; through its Consulting & Training, it accompanies and trains young people between 18 and 25 years old free of charge to help them find a job internally or elsewhere. Brink's Mauritius also organizes activities to help the underprivileged, notably by donating Christmas gifts to children from underprivileged backgrounds.

At Brink's, we believe in sustainable growth for the benefit of all.