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 Brink's Indian Ocean

Over 30 years ago since Brink’s established itself in the Indian Ocean. Extending its activities from Reunion Island to Mauritius, Mayotte and Madagascar, the company is now the number one operator in private security services across the region. 

Brink’s Reunion, Mayotte, Mauritius and Madagascar deliver 24/7, matching the security exigencies of the different economic players of these countries.

Brink’s Indian Ocean is part of the Europe, Middle East and Africa Directorate (EMEA), and reports to it.

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By Admin, 28 March, 2023

Security Audit

Long-term validity and customised approach

We apply an approach that stands the test of time and fits your specific requirements. To this end, we carry out an in-depth security audit of your premises (offices, industrial premises, buildings and other relevant neighbouring spaces). Our experienced security consultants apply Brink's methodological tool in this respect, resulting in a thorough diagnosis report.

In addition to assessing the operational specificities of your site, Brink's audits includes an analysis of the geographical environment of the site to be secured as well as the characteristics and typology of the site itself.

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