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 Brink's Indian Ocean

Over 30 years ago since Brink’s established itself in the Indian Ocean. Extending its activities from Reunion Island to Mauritius, Mayotte and Madagascar, the company is now the number one operator in private security services across the region. 

Brink’s Reunion, Mayotte, Mauritius and Madagascar deliver 24/7, matching the security exigencies of the different economic players of these countries.

Brink’s Indian Ocean is part of the Europe, Middle East and Africa Directorate (EMEA), and reports to it.

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By Admin, 25 March, 2023

Consulting & Training

Brink’s Mauritius’ Security Risk Management & Training Centre (SRMTC) was created to train our own staff. As from 2008, we opened up access to companies wishing to avail themselves of our expertise as consultants or to develop in their own resources adequate competencies in security management.

Our Consulting and Training services are MQA-approved, abide by the Private Security Services Act (PSSA), and span several professional activities in relation to security management and talent development. Our trainers comprise seasoned professionals as well as certified trainers, both having on record significant experience in their specific sectors. 

Growing through the years, SRMTC evolved and diversified its training programmes. Today, in addition to onsite guard training, we offer road safety courses, electronic security training, leadership training and customer service – to name but a few.